Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Film Posters:

The main purpose of a film poster, put purely and simply, is to advertise a film. It usually consists of an image which is relevant to the film, the name of the film, and a tagline, while some also include the release date and the names of key actors and/or the director. Film posters are displayed in a wide variety of places ranging from big billboards highways to bus stops and even on buses themselves.

Film posters are situated in places where they can be seen by many people, such as on billboards above main roads and, as above, on buses which are constantly moving which means they are being seen by as many people making them just as effective as billboards. Furthermore film posters are designed so they can influence the people looking at them in a short space of time due to the nature of where they are situated. This is because film posters appear in places where people are usually on the move meaning the posters must advertise the film in a short space of time. For this reason short films don't usually contain much text, instead they are made up of large images and vibrant titles, while the little text they contain is in the form of a tag line, a short catchy phrase used to advertise the movie, and the billing block at the bottom of the poster which is usually overlooked, but contains information including the name of actors and the film institution. Film posters use colours and images in subtle, clever ways to give the audience indications on the theme and plot of the film. This can be seen in the

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