Wednesday, 10 February 2010

FIlm Poster Analysis

Film posters use colours and images in subtle, clever ways to give the audience indications on the theme and plot of the film.
  • TAG-LINE:The tagline contains a deliberate grammatical error which is used to give the audience an insight into the film and to reinforce the feeling gained from the image that the people are under attack from a “thing”.
  • ICONIC IMAGE: Through the iconic image of the statue of liberty it is made immediately obvious to the audience that the film is set in America
  • BACKGROUND IMAGE: And through the background image the setting of the film is made more specific, and that it is set in New York City. The billowing smoke clouds over the famous New York skyline and the destroyed statue of liberty gives the audience an insight into the size of the “thing”, and the destructible capacity it possesses. It also shows the audience the threat the people of New York face.
  • FILM TITLE: The Sci-Fi styled font makes it obvious to the audience that the film is a science fiction film.
  • BILLING BLOCK: The billing block is a constant among film posters, as it gives information on the films actors and directors among other information.
  • RELEASE DATE: This is simply the day the film is set to be released.

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