Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Film Magazine Review

The most appropriate type of magazine for our film is a specialist film magazine which focuses mainly on independent films by new directors but also reviews upcoming blockbuster titles.The name of the magazine is Press Rewind and the target audience is specifically people who are interested in independent film companies and low budget productions, so the age groups targeted vary significantly from young film students to older, senior audiences. The mode of address of the magazine will consist of a formal style while the house style will consist of a large image as well as a large amount of text. The constants in film magazines such as strap lines, breakout boxes and subheadings will also be present in "Press Rewind".

Advertising Profile:
  • Press Rewind is the only magazine in the UK to offer an unrestricted insight into the world of independent cinema from Britain and across the world. Away from all the gloss and glaze of Hollywood, Press Rewind exhibits the undervalued brilliance of these low budget productions which continue to electrify audiences and transmit the most vivid of emotions. Through the unchallenged access to exclusive content and first hand previews of upcoming films, Press Rewind offers the audience the most gripping and up-to-date content available.
  • Press Rewind magazine, available monthly for £3.99
Audience Profile:
  • Whats Your Favorite Movie?
  • What is your favorite TV channel?
  • Are you a worker/a student/unemployed?
  • What is your favorite holiday destination?
  • What sports do you enjoy?
  • What is your preferred form of transport?
58% Male, Student, Fans of cinema

Sample Paragraphs:
  • Following the immediate success of Christopher Aboiralor's new wave hit 'Rest in Pieces', whereby the criminal underworld of South London was so brutally exposed, he has once again taken to the scene this time to depict the struggle faced by youths in this day and age following the moral panic so rife, due to the medias constant exaggerations. The conflict endured by the different age, race & class groups is expertly illustrated through the use of metaphoric comparisons which do well to expose such problems.
  • Alexander Ojo once again adds to his bulging collection of stellar performances with the four star showing he produces in Aboiralor's gritty thriller 'Hoodie'. He makes a superb comeback following a few years of inactivity due to the arrival of his first son Ojo Jr. But he is one of the few shining lights to emerge from an otherwise drab showing from T&A studious. The story is far too predictable while the performance from Aboiralor is mediocre at best.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Poster drafts 1 & 2

Hoodie Posters



Script For Interview:

Question 1:
  • Interviewer- Young people these days are portrayed as somewhat 'out of control', throughout the media due to the rise in violent crimes among people as well as the gang culture, drugs and binge drinking. How do you respond to claims that young people are a threat to society?
  • Student- I reject these claims, simply because from my experiences with young people I have never encountered any threat of violence, and while i have witnessed young people acting irresponsibly with both alcohol and drugs i don't feel it is fair for the media to use such strong labels on a group as wide ranging as 'young people' to be judged on a few violent individuals.
  • Hoodie: Real talk, I can see why adults are shook of young people, cos the media make us look lyk were animals. Im not gna lie, i seen peeps get moved to on road buh jus' cos some man are on that flex it dont mean that every man is. There is pressure for us to do shit like that but jus cos some of us we bun weed n ting it don't make us a threat to society.
Question 2:
  • Interviewer- How do you feel when you see a group of young males wearing dark hooded items of clothing?
  • Student: If I'm being perfectly honest I try to maintain a safe distance from characters such as the ones you are describing. However I have encountered times when I have had to pass through places which are described as 'rough' and 'dangerous' and i do often feel intimidated and threatened, but thankfully on each of these occasions nothing bad actually happened to me.
  • Hoodie: When i see a group of hooded up youts, i jus try not to screw dem or look at them to tough, cos if im on my ones n theres a couple of them then i could get beat up or mugged. Real talk the media have got a point when they say that people who wear hoddies are dangerous cos a lot of criminals and gangs wear hoods to conceal their faces but that dont justify the stereotypes aimed at us. Cos when they say hoodie they dont mean someone wearin a hoodie, they mean a teenager, whos black and wears a hoodie.
Question 3:
  • Interviewer- How does it make you feel as a young person growing up in this environment and social climate where young people tend to be pre-judged ?
  • Student- I don't think this actually affects me,if I'm being perfectly honest. I don't go around wearing hoodies, smoking on street corners with vicious dogs mugging old ladys or shooting people, nor do I give one the impression that I do things like this. I have an aim in life to be successful and i know if I distance myself from people like this then I will be successful.
  • Hoodie- It pisses me off. I dont understand how people can be so naive as to fink im dangerous just cos of the clothes i wear lyk. When i get on the bus or a packed train I see people watchin me like im gonna pull out a shank or sumin, sometimes i ignore it but sometimes it annoys the hell out of me n it makes me feel to do somethin like that. When i sit down i see these women shiftin their bags and gripin them tight, how would that make u feel? levels. Its funny, they even banned hoodies in my college cos they say it gives the college a bad image. Its madness.
Question 4:

  • Interviewer- How do you feel about 'Hoodies'?
  • Student- Hoodies have put an everlasting taint on society... I DESPISE HOODIES!!!!
  • Hoodie- Are you serious? haaha.. i swer down, the way u lot love to judge groups of people, its ridiculous. Real talk i feel fine about hoodies, its criminals you should be worried about.


Monday, 1 March 2010

Film poster Planning

Target audience
  • Our target audience is 15 to 25 year olds, we are going to use our film poster to target the 15 to 21 year old males in our audience. Through arranging relevant screenshots of action from the short film into a poster format to interest this demographic of my target audience.
  • Our poster is going to focus on the action aspect of the film, it may be a collage of images of the chase in photo form edited to look as if they were taken from CCTV cameras showing a dark figure with a hood pursuing a formally dressed student in four separate photos, hung up by pegs on a line as if the pictures had just been developed in a dark room being developed this layout will hopefully make the audience to think the short film is about crime in the city.
Possible Tag lines
  • The Streets is watchin' and so is something else
  • Hooded Hoodlem's or Hooded Helper's you decide?
  • Being Good's never looked so Bad.
  • If someone looks Bad, but does Good, are they still Bad.
  • The Good, The Bad, The Hoodies.
  • The Goody Hoodie.